7.6. Overwriting data and you may substitution packages – Substitute ¶

the bar-along with package will match the reliance to the foo package which have this new virtual plan name, while the over. Should your Provides profession does not establish a difference number, it generally does not satisfy versioned dependencies or break versioned Disputes otherwise Vacations . Instance, given the following the packages:

To specify and that away from a couple of genuine bundles shall be the brand new standard to meet up with a particular dependence towards a virtual plan, list the actual bundle rather till the virtual one to.

When your digital bundle signifies a studio that may just be provided by one to genuine package simultaneously, such as the mail-transport-broker virtual package that really needs installation of a binary who conflict with all of most other business of the digital package (find Send transport, delivery and you can representative agencies ), the bundles providing you to virtual package should also claim a dispute inside it having fun with Problems . This may ensure that at the most you to supplier of that digital package is unpacked or strung at the same time.

Packages can be state within their control file which they is overwrite data files in certain other bundles, or completely exchange most other bundles. The fresh Replaces handle industry enjoys these two collection of objectives.

eight.six.1. Overwriting data various other packages¶

It’s always an error for a great deal to help you incorporate documents which can be to the system an additional bundle. But not, in the event the overwriting bundle declares this Changes the main one that features this new document getting overwritten, next dpkg tend to alter the document on the old plan which have the ones from the new. Brand new file won’t end up being detailed once the “owned” of the old plan and you will be bought out of the the newest package. Usually, Vacations will likely be included in combination having Changes . 4

Like, in the event that a deal foo is actually split into foo and you will foo-study undertaking from the variation step 1.2-step 3, foo-research might have brand new sphere

If a package is very changed in this way, to make sure that dpkg cannot know of every documents they nevertheless consists of, it is thought to enjoys “disappeared”. It would be marked as perhaps not wanted towards the program (chosen to possess elimination) and “Not-Installed”. One conffile s facts recognized for the container might be ignored, as they begin to were taken over from the overwriting package. The brand new package’s postrm program would-be work on with a unique disagreement to allow https://hookupdaddy.net/women-looking-for-men/ the container to accomplish one finally clean up required. Look for Writeup on indicates maintainer texts have been called . 5

Because of it access to Substitute , digital packages (pick Digital packages – Provides ) aren’t considered when considering a great Replaces field. The packages announced as being replaced must be mentioned of the their actual labels.

Which accessibility Changes just takes effect when one another packages is at the very least partially to the system at the same time. This is not related in case your packages argument until this new conflict could have been overridden.

eight.six.dos. Replacement whole bundles, forcing its elimination¶

Next, Changes allows this new packaging system to resolve which plan are going to be eliminated if there is a dispute (pick Contradictory digital bundles – Disputes ). So it usage simply requires impression if one or two bundles create conflict, so that the a couple usages with the industry do not interfere with each other.

In such a case, the package stated as actually replaced are going to be a virtual package, very such as, all of the mail transportation agencies (MTAs) would have another industries within their handle records:

making sure one MTA would be unpacked any kind of time you to day. Select Digital bundles – Offers up details about any of it analogy.

seven.seven. Matchmaking between resource and binary packages – Build-Is based , Build-Depends-Indep , Build-Depends-Arc , Build-Disputes , Build-Conflicts-Indep , Build-Conflicts-Arc ¶

Supply packages which need specific digital bundles to get hung or missing during the time of strengthening the package get claim relationships to people binary packages.